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Thread: '65 CJ5 lurching/stalling out

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    '65 CJ5 lurching/stalling out

    As the title states, my beautiful Lucille is stalling/ lurching. Seems to be only in third or in second. Just replaced fuel line, fuel pump, and even added an electric pump (don't ask). Will be replacing the tank this weekend and once that is done, the whole fuel system will pretty much be replaced. New plugs, condensor, and points as well. She ran great for the first few weeks but lately she has been acting up again. Will re check points and plugs this weekend and give her a fresh dose of motor oil. I have topped off the transfer case with some 80/90 conventional as well. Anyone have any thoughts as to why she is being so temperamental? Thanks y'all.

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    Is the lurching and stalling happening at a certain RPM range, load, accelerating, decelerating? If the lurching is separate from the stalling, then I would be looking at the dwell setting on the points. If the lurching at constant RPM is followed by stalling upon decelerating, then the carburetor may need attention. Vacuum leak, needle and seat crud, would be another item to look at.

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    My 75 did that. I changed out the distributor to a HEI pointless distributor and that cured everthing. Drop in installation no fitting required. Make sure you use the suggested spark plug wires. All jeep suppliers have these HEI models. When you change the distributer get change out the generator and voltage regulator by replacing with a self regulating alternator. The older Jeeps distributor can not hold their power curve. This causes RPM changes, jerking and stalling. The HEI system cures all these problems. The alternater gives pure even voltage.
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