It seems that when the pandemic hit, I've been busier than normal. Trying to make production numbers on vehicles at work when our suppliers are behind due to COVID case shutdowns, has made for some long days. I have been doing some maintenance to the 2A and racking on some miles on it. In the meantime, I have been making purchases of the sheet metal I've been wanting for the floor repairs. New front floor boards, rockers, support braces, cowl lowers for both sides, lower tail gate repair panel, and the rear body cross member. The only items that are still on the wish list are the tailgate hinge and the rear bumper valance, (just in case the fuel tank fairy is listening). As far as the steering wheel, I'm sticking with the Wagoneer steering wheel and column. It looks right, and since the mount holds the hanging brake and clutch pedals, I'll keep it around. Now all I need is a stretch of a few days with nothing pressing to do, and the sparks will fly. Argon tank is near full, the 11 pound spool of MIG wire has plenty, so I'm running out of excuses.