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Thread: Fuel tanks for an MB

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    Fuel tanks for an MB

    Alright folks, Iím planning my approach to digging in to this Ď45 MB I just got. The odometer reads just over 10,000 miles, and the engine spins freely as it should. My natural inclination is to go after the engine first and see if it will fire up. My neighbor, who is a good mechanic and big fan of classics of all makes, figures we free up and fix the brakes, then get a fuel tank in there and wire it up. The only hang up to this plan is my fuel tank is missing. Anyone know where to find a used or plastic one for the purpose of getting this thing going? Iíll put a reproduction in there eventually but they are kinda pricey, need to throw most of my funds towards garage upgrades at the moment, but really want to get in to this jeep as well!

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    The best temporary fuel tank that I've used in the past are boat fuel cans. The tank can be removed when not in use by simply twisting the fuel line, (quick disconnect). Some tanks have a primer bulb that you can prime the fuel up to the fuel pump. Works good to keep from running the battery down from running the starter to draw fuel up to the carb. The old steel boat tanks work the best, but finding one that is clean is a bit of a chore. Plastic will work, but be careful filling it in the Jeep. Plastic has a nasty habit of creating static electricity, causing a potential fire hazard. Not real likely, but could happen.

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