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Does anyone have tips or specs on rebuilding T14 transmission? I got mine all together wi and there is about .030 ballpark by eyeball end play on the reverse gear mainshaft. Like the bearing isnít tight against it. I built drivers and a special tool to hold thrust between the main shaft and input. The bearing doesnít seem to want to move any more and has that ďringĒ like itís fully seated. I just donít know if that gear sliding back and forth is correct. The gear is new from Herm.
Iíve rebuilt a few trans. T84. T90. And D 18 as well as some import manuals. But this is my first T14 and thereís not a lot of info out there.
Update----there is .028 clearance between the gear and the bearing. The bearing is all the way seated against the shoulder. I put the old gears back in and same thing. Almost like it needs a thrust washer. But there was none when it came apart and none shown on exploded view. Can the synchro center hubs go in backwards? The low rev only has brass on low side so not really possible but the 2-3 could I suppose. But that doesn't seem to be able to affect rev gear clearance in any case since its pinched between the rear bearing and a snap ring and 2-3 is on the forward side of the step in the main shaft.