I couldn’t find used tires to fit the 15 inch rims anymore. The old rims were corroded and leaking at the bead so I finally got frustrated enough that I bought all new. After hitting wall after wall looking for affordable 16 inch steel rims I ended up going back to a 15 inch. Once I made the decision to use 15 inch rims, they were on the jeep the next day.

I have been looking at what can be salvaged and pricing replacement parts for the body. The floor needs replaced from the firewall to the tailgate. The rear wheel wells are broken out and I don’t think there is any good hat channel left anywhere (there is more oak than hat channel). There isn’t a big price difference between buying all the parts separately or buying a tub from Kaiser Willys. To save money, the rear wheel wells could be salvaged and the floor could be replaced with generic sheet metal or diamond plate but it wouldn’t look right (especially with me doing the work). I don’t have a clue where the current steel replacement tubs and panels come from. I believe the stainless came from the P.I. but I didn’t see anywhere to buy now. It will come down to how much I want it to keep it looking like a jeep or maybe how bad I want to avoid it looking like it was cobbled together in someone’s backyard (like it does now).