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Thread: Fuel Line for '51 Wagon

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    Fuel Line for '51 Wagon

    Hi Guys, I have a '51 Willys Wagon that a previous owner "added" an Electric Fuel Pump & "plastic" gas tank. The Gas Tank is fine, but I want to remove the Electric Pump and put back a new Replacement Dual Pump so I can keep the Wipers going as well as the fuel. My problem is that the original Fuel Line was cut near the engine, and the replacement Electric Fuel Pump put into the system. In order to restore the original setup, I'd like to replace the old Fuel Line with a new "pre-bent" one. Trouble is, I can't seem to find one at the "usual" sources. Anyone know where I can get it?


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    Here is a good source of fuel/brake/vacuum lines. They will have what you need.

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