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Thread: New owner, old jeep

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    New owner, old jeep

    Iím Allen and live in Western NC. I just bought what I thought was a 1954 M38A1 and upon closer inspection am finding components of a 1956 CJ5. I found serial numbers of both on the vehicle. It has the body of the A1 and the front grill and 6v electrical system of the CJ5.
    I am in the process of working on brakes, then Iíll tackle the engine. I am taking off the huge mud tires that the last owner installed and replacing them with 6 - 16 ND tires and the original rims.
    I thought I was going to do a little cosmetic work and put it on the road and now I am seeing that I have a huge project ahead of me.
    I have very little auto mechanic experience but am mechanically inclined so with the help of this forum and YouTube I hope to figure it out. I also have a couple of buddies that have offered guidance.
    Look forward to the forum and diving in the Willys.

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    Welcome to the group. You have what is called a FrankenJeep - a piece from here, a piece from there. Hammer mismatched edges together, weld closed, grind flat and paint to match!

    But - they do clean up very nicely

    You will find all kinds of opinions and advice here - a lot of it good and a lot worth what you pay for it.

    But - never a dull moment.

    Post Pictures!
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    Welcome Allen! We are glad to have you.

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