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Thread: Warn lockout hub/ dana 25 gaskets etc

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    Warn lockout hub/ dana 25 gaskets etc

    Hery all,

    So I've started to disassemble the front axle for on my CJ3B. It has locking Warn hubs. I've taken apart both the driver and passengers sides and found that the drivers side is missing a washer and the 2 sides are using different washers in a different part.. hard to explain but see the photo attached.
    Does anyone know a good place to buy these washers singularly?
    Any idea which of the 2 washers are correct?
    finally, I cant find a model number of the main hub and therefore finding it hard to know I'm looking at the right parts for the right hub... does this warn hub have a model number?

    Thanks for all and any help.

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    It looks to me like someone has done some parts swapping to get by. The round spindle nuts look like they came from a Ford to me. One of the washers likely did too. The nut and washer kits are fairly cheap ( Your local parts house will have them too but mine were double the price Kaiser sells them for.

    I can’t tell exactly what the missing part is in the picture. It may be possible to match it with something that will work. I would almost expect a spring to keep tension on the selector.

    You might try contacting Warn directly to get a hub part number and parts breakdown.

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    You might find something useful here...

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    If the model numbers haven't changed, it should be a 29062. I quick online search didn't come up with any rebuild kits, except for the newer hubs on the 1/2 ton trucks.

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