This 2A was just about twice the weight of a normal 2A, for all the filler added to it. The hood was at least a 1/2" thick with plastic. As you stated, the underlying sheet metal wasn't that bad. Pieces of sheet metal were scabbed above the original metal, but the scabs rusted out faster than the original. Bondo was plastered on top of the scabs to resemble the original lines. After several hours of running a nylon brush over the body, I ended up with a pile of filler on the floor, and a tub that was a patchwork of metal. I'm going to keep the tub as is for now, and just shot a new coat of clear coat on to preserve the sheet metal. Someday down the road, the tub will get pulled, and new metal will be applied to make it like new. For now, it will be a good parts runner.