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Thread: '46 CJ2A Parts Runner

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    I'm curious too about the slithery critter that fanged the dawg - Copperhead?

    The big tires on the rear of the '48 have holes for studs too. We old guys can remember when just about every garage had a stud installer with an 'ammo belt" of studs hanging down.

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    Man studded snow tires. I remember the sound they would make on the pavement. I also remember the drivers doing 80 mph and throwing them to the moon!

    Nice work on the utility vehicle! A man has to have several achievable projects, lest he would have an empty mind.

    Now about the dog eating snake?
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    I spent many hours as a young kid pulling studs out so we could tool up and down the hard road, because the township commishoner would turn us in for tearing up the tar.

    We don't see many snakes here at the ranch, but if I had to guess, it would have had to been either a copperhead or a rattle snake. I came home late that night and she was laying by her water bowl. Her ear was three times the size of normal, and her lip was hanging down. She can generally handle herself, so she must of been caught by surprise. The vet drained the fluid from her ear, but there is a lot of scar tissue that may not let the ear heal up properly. She can still hear a fire truck coming long before I can.

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