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Thread: basket case issues.

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    basket case issues.

    I'm new to site and need help. I bought a basket case 61 station wagon with a super hurricane about a year ago and began on rebuilding the engine. Just now starting to reassemble and due to time past and not being the original person who disassembled, I'm stuck.
    I need to know where the oil gallery plugs are located and how the timing chain is oiled. Do I have/need a nozzle? There is a threaded hole on the front of the engine block that appears to have an oil journal through the side. what goes there?(nozzle?)

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    I'm not well versed in Super Hurricanes, but there should be a 90 degree fitting that directs oil to the chain. Now, is there an orifice on the end of the fitting to hold pressure? I can not find any information either way, but I will keep digging and let you know what I can find.

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