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Thread: ‘65 CJ5 bogging/stalling out

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    ‘65 CJ5 bogging/stalling out

    Hey y’all,
    As the title implies I am having some issues I could use some help solving. Fuel pump was replaced last year as was the tank and the carb is only a few years old. New plugs, points, and condenser as well. It seems to be once it is warmed up, it will choke itself out at speed (will also do this at idle but has only done so once or twice). Once I let it breathe a little, it will start back up and I have another five minutes or so before it repeats the process. I am going to replace the fuel filter as a simple fix and see if that helps. Maybe running too rich at speed? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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    Sticky float? Float out of adjustment? Float sunk? Just throwing out possibilities for too much fuel. I would expect a more consistent problem if the needle valve needed adjusting but it could be a possibility too.
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    Thanks Jeff! I noticed last night that the choke cable that I installed over the winter wasn’t letting the choke all the way out. Gave that an adjustment and seemed to do better. It did stall out on me again but with rain on the way in I wasn’t able to give it a full run through. Going to adjust the carb tonight and see if that helps. If that doesn’t then I will look into the deeper fixes on the carb.

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    With the issues coming about after the engine is warm, check the timing as well. A tach and dwell meter is worth the investment to ensure the points are set to spec. Another fuel related thing to check would be that the supply fuel line is not too close to the exhaust. The fuel may be vapor locking, causing the supply issues. If exhaust temperatures are high, then check back with the timing.

    If all the above checks out, then perform a compression test cold, then again warm. A sticking ring will drop compression as the engine warms.
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