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Thread: Start-up Best Practices

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    Quote Originally Posted by LarrBeard View Post
    Add fresh oil; 30W non detergent.
    Am I to understand you don't recommend some sort of engine cleaning oil as recommended on this thread

    Also, do you know what weight of oil for the transmission? I ask because I'm a lifelong Saab guy and my older '60s & '70s Saabs used to take a heavier transmission oil, but my "newer" Saabs just take regular engine oil (manual trannies).

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    You can spray each cylinder with a penetrating oil to ensure that the top end is lubricated. Top off the engine oil with the SAE 30 non detergent oil. Then roll the engine by hand through a full cycle(4 crank shaft revolutions). You can take the distributor cap off to ensure that the distributor shaft is turning. From there you can follow the forum that you tagged.

    The gear oil for the transmission and transfer case,(shared) is 80W90 or higher.

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    I have reading various POSTS and this a great read for those just starting out... Thanks to those knowledgeable contributors helping us newbies.

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