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Thread: Combat rims

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    Combat rims

    Hello willys jeep forum and MR. gmwillys need help on my rim idont think I can save to far gone from rust.This is a WWII combat rim. Look at it and tell me what you think. I dont think the rim is good for the open road. so i am going to sandblast, paint, and hangup the rim in my shop. a big part of WWII history so i am going to keep it. My dad was in the US Navy in WWII, drove the little boats that took th MB GPW jeeps To the beach heads.
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    In my opinion, it isn't too far gone to use as a spare, if so desired. I do think that painting it up and placing on the wall is a good idea also. I feel that it would be a fitting tribute to your Father, knowing that he made possible the soldiers and their Jeeps making it to shore. By the time that all the weak or rotten steel is repaired, (i.e. the valve stem hole, and the outer rim) you may loose some of the character. With the rust repaired, and a new tube and boot, but the rim may not end up being straight. I have seen older split rims that check out fine when put together without the tire, but add the tire and boot and it wobbles badly at speed.

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