Hi All, I'm Rios57c....title describes my Jeep of which I need all the help I can scrounge up. First I need to purchase the tub, I have a plan but looking to see if I can do better with this forums advice! So I have to first buy the Tub then the big problem; the VIN number.....no body no numbers. I look on the forward part of the frame as described in a few books but nothing. Some where it was mentioned that from the ser# on the engine you can trace the VIN # . Dont know if it s true or not as I have no idea where to look for this info. In the Army I used to chase rabbitts and drove quite some time in those jeeps and now at the age of 60 I have an oprtunity but have these set backs to deal with along with my disability which I will not let it stop me. So my first task to beat is the VIN number; does any one have any Ideas how I can either find or attain a valid VIN number for my Jeep?