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Thread: 1967 Jeepster 4 cylinder

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    1967 Jeepster 4 cylinder

    I have a few questions. How do I loosen the distributor cylinder? The bracket underneath will loosen but cylinder won’t move. Secondly, Jeep ran fine and parked in garage and a couple days later would not run. Would start after some coaxing but there was no power. It would sputter and then backfire real loud. Do the timing gears wear out or jump out of sync? The power is definitely retarded.

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    I suggest that you buy a shop manual for your Jeep. It will give you the correct terminology of the parts. It sounds like you changed the timing by moving the distributer.

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    There is a clamp that goes into the block, then there is also a couple of bolts that go into the bottom of the distributor. It is not uncommon for the distributor to seize in the bore in the block. I've added a link that covers the subject a bit more.

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