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Thread: fuel pump bubbling and no gas in the carburetor going up hill

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    fuel pump bubbling and no gas in the carburetor going up hill

    I have a 1956 Willys Cj3 jeep that starts and drives fine when on the level and the engine is not overworked. After installing a new radiator and carbuetor, I went on a pasture ride that gains 900 feet in 1/2 mile with very rough terrain. About 3/4 the way up, the jeep died and would not restart. The fuel pump bulb was empty and bubbling on the side nearest the engine block. When I removed the air intake from the Carburetor and tried to restart, there was never any gas in the carburetor. I need some help with diagnosing this problem. Any ideas what I am doing wrong to have this problem. This is the reason that I replaced the radiator and the carburetor as the same problem at the same place in going up the hill/mountain. Thanks, Docjoc.

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    sounds like a problem with the fuel pickup in the tank. when you piont it up the hill the fuel might be getting away from the pickup, or there could be a rust hole in the pickup tube part way down that sucks air when the fuel moves away from it going up steep hills. have you tried it with a full tank ?

    i had issues once with a ford sedan when i fitted fuel injection to the cleveland V8. couldnt work out why it kept cutting out going around long corners. until i realised it only did it if i had 1/4 of a tank or less, as the car was cornering the fuel moved to the side and exposed the fuel pickup letting air into the lines. with the fuel injection when there is no pressure in the lines the engine stops.

    sounds like you have a long steep climb and after the carby runs out your stopping. have you tried it on a shorter hill up and down a few times . if you can do the same amount of climbing but broken with some down hill sections to allow the fuel system to refill then that should prove the pickup problem.


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