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Thread: Down to frame but don't think I have what I thought I had

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    Down to frame but don't think I have what I thought I had

    I'm certain my scenario isn't new. I purchased a CJ2A restoration project. Previous owner had admittedly replaced the engine with a F-134 from a '53 CJ3B...I have the box on the hood to attest to that. This is a father-son project and we're down to the frame (well, almost) and getting ready to order new parts where they're needed so we can start our way back up. The problem is I don't think we have a 2A frame. I think it's a 3A frame, which may explain the fact that we have a Dana 44 in the rear vs a 41.
    We need help before we hit the "order" button on a bunch of parts. I wasn't sure whether to go to a 2A, 3A, or 3B forum so I figured I'd start here at KW.
    I've attached a photo of what it looked like before we started. Passenger side mount of the spare I think is also an indication of 3A. The second photo is where we stand now.
    My two questions:
    1) Can anyone confirm whether this is a 3A, 2A, or some other combination frame? I have no plate
    2) If it is a 3A frame, can a 3B body be mounted? The body is made up of paint, bondo and some sheet metal so I don't think it'll survive media blast. Since I have a 3B engine, the higher hood clearance would be awesome.

    I'm sure there are other obvious things I'm missing right now so I am open to any and all advice. It's a first restoration project so it's learn as we go.
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