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Thread: More Carter YF-938SD problems

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    Without a properly functioning heat riser valve, going after the carburetor will frustrate the living heck out of you. If the valve is stuck in the open (cold) position, heat from the exhaust will continuously bathe the bottom of any carb you put up there.
    This is definitely something to keep in mind when I get to the point the engine stays running long enough for this to potentially happen...

    Speaking of vapor lock, I finally mounted my pressure regulator to the driver's side fender, near where the lower radiator hose passes by. I installed factory style fuel lines. Off the fuel pump I ran a flexible fuel line with compression fittings to the regulator intake port. I used the flex line from the fuel line kit to run from the regulator output port back to the carburetor tube next to the fuel pump. No alterations in the fuel lines were necessary.

    Where that flex line was originally supposed to be, between the fuel tank line and fuel pump intake port, I've set up with barbed nipples on both ends. I've used regular fuel hose with hose clamps and I have the fuel filter in line here, right before the fuel pump intake but after the steel line from the fuel tank.

    Question: One of the flex lines to the pressure regulator passes about 4 inches from the exhaust manifold. Is this too close and a potential source of vapor lock?

    I am guessing "no" for now since the regular fuel lines pass within this distance to the exhaust lines and the fuel pump.

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    No, the rubber line also acts as an insulator. The exhaust really doesn't put off enough heat to cause vapor lock, unless you are running hard in the heat of summer. I've never put much thought into the heat riser, and haven't checked to see if mine even moves. I figure it's rusted shut, but wouldn't bet on it.

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