Howdy folks! Looks like a great place for great information!

I just bought a project CJ2A from an old doctor who lost interest after over half of the resto was done. Rolling chassis with rebuilt engine, rebuilt tranny, new brakes, lines, and hubs, and the frame is straight and in great shape. The tub needs work, but he had also bought the repair pieces of sheet metal that just needs welded on. If I wasn't going for a restoration I "could" throw the old tub back on and I'm sure it would be an ugly beat up driver.

I did a little math on a lot of parts that were included like the sheet metal and new wiring harness and just those are worth over twice the $1500 I paid for the whole thing. I'll need a ton of new hardware because there are a lot of loose nuts and bolts in a box, but I don't know what they go to.

I'll probably be asking alot of questions in the near future when I get some time to play around with reinstalling everything. Should be a lot of fun. I actually just finished a full restore on a 1952 Ford 8N tractor, and this doesn't look too much more difficult.