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    I'm pretty sure my project '48 CJ2A was a farm Agri-Jeep in it's beginnings, but with the partial restoration that's already been done by the previous owner there are a lot of missing parts like it was being put together as just a normal Jeep. The engine and transmission are totally put together (rebuilt) and on the chassis. I have a front mount hydraulic pump that's been left off and the hydraulic reservoir and control tank and hoses are missing. The rear bumper has brackets for a 3pt hitch and that's missing. There are no PTO shafts anywhere. The governor is in a box of parts but isn't installed on the engine either. Oh, and the freaking bumper weight that feels like about 300lbs isn't installed. Good grief that was a pain to

    I'll probably hang on to the spare farm parts in case I want to go that way with it in the future since I know there are some farm fans out there, but without doing any plowing or whatever do I need the front bumper weight installed now? Are there any benefits to having the governor installed right now?


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    I would hang on to the items, but not install them. You don't need the added weight of the iron for the front, and the governor will be in the way for putting things back together. If you choose to go the agri-Jeep route, you have the start in the collecting of parts, or you will have bartering material for getting other things you need.

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