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Thread: Dana 18 Transfer case question

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    Dana 18 Transfer case question

    The jeep I inherited is a 1960 M38A1, at some point the drive train from a CJ5 was put in it. The e brake does not match up to the linkage of the M38A1 body. I have ordered all the parts to replace it with the military style e brake. This includes replacing the rear bearing housing of the transfer case. The old bearing housing did not have any shims under it to adjust the end play of the output shaft. Since I am not replacing bearings is there any need to measure and adjust the endplay? Would I be safe to put the new housing on without shims?
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    To be certain, I would take some measurements before installing the housing to ensure that both the CJ5 housing and the M38A1 are the same bearing. A quick check of end play would be prudent, just to make sure. You shouldn't have any issues.

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