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Thread: It's A Jeep thing - Most Folks Would Not Understand ...

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    It's A Jeep thing - Most Folks Would Not Understand ...

    I don't do cutesey stuff as a rule, but this just hit me as the type of thing Jeep people understand without needing any explanation.

    Thanks guys ...

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    I saw that online this morning. I usually don't give newer heeps a second look, but I was brought in on the title.

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    I'm with you there, not really interested in newer heeps (sic). It made me think of one of my mom's stories.

    My mom grew up on a farm where they had what I think was either a CJ2B or 3A--we can't find any photos. My mom learned to drive on it at the age of 12. My grandfather had made up a series of five 15' hay wagons which they regularly used to haul hay, fully loaded in a train of 5, with that little jeep. Once there was a huge blizzard in which a school bus got stuck in the yard. This would have been in 1954 and my mom would have been about 13. She hopped off the bus to go get that little jeep. The bus driver laughed and said the jeep would never manage it. Apparently my mom pulled the bus out without a single problem. I was always impressed with that story.

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