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Thread: The Red Christmas Truick

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    The Red Christmas Truick

    Most of “us guys” may not have noticed, but the hot holiday decorating theme this year is The Red Truck. Just check with your wives ... . Now, it may have a Christmas Tree in the back, it may be filled with wrapped presents, it may be driven by Santa or it may just be covered in a pretty coat of snow.

    The Red Truck shows up on little door hangers, dish towels, couch cushions, hot chocolate mugs, cards and just about every possible holiday decoration. Since I have a Red Truck – I get the comment “OH, it looks just like your old truck – it’s so cute…”.

    Bah – humbug!

    The Red Truck on the holiday goodies might be a 1950-ish Ford. Or, maybe a Chevy, perhaps a Dodge or even a Studebaker. It has chubby little round fenders, a smiley horizontal grill and – gasp – whitewall tires! My reply is “That doesn’t look like my truck – I have a real truck – a Jeep!”

    Here’s what a real Christmas truck looks like.

    Merry Christmas to Everyone. Ho, HO, HO
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    Merry Christmas to you Chief, and yours.

    We have noticed the red truck craze. Lowe's even had a wagon that in bad lighting kind of looks like our wagon...till you look at the chubby front fenders. One of the government auditors that I deal with regularly is a retired Warrant Officer. He does a lot of woodworking in his free time. He dropped by just before Thanksgiving with his latest creation. He was asked to build a Jeep pickup for a local trucking company. He took around three months to complete, and it turned out fairly descent. I already asked for you if he was interested in building another, and he just shook his head in the negative. I didn't get a picture to share.
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