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Thread: Just Inherited My Grandfathers Willys- Need Help!

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    Just Inherited My Grandfathers Willys- Need Help!

    Hey All....
    So I just inherited this Jeep (I am super excited about it by the way, totally awesome looking vehicle!) and I was told by my grandfather before he died it was a 1952 M38. The title we found was for a 1953 and I think you can tell by the pics it is older than a 53 and the "Date Delivered" was 6-51 (I assume June of 1951). The tag on the dash says the "MFR SER NO" is 22964. I have not been able to find anything online that explains the meaning of that number. It appears I will have to talk to the DMV/BMV to figure out how to title this thing. Can anyone offer any info on the serial number? Its pretty clear it is an M38 somewhere between the years of 1950 and 1952.

    Another question I have... Does anyone know what the original equipment rims and tires were and a good place to buy them (new)? This will be my first purchase so I can move the thing into my storage garage but i want the originals. Hard to do on two flats!
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