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Thread: Inspiration from Pelago

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    Inspiration from Pelago

    Its getting toward the end of the month and around that time I have several monthly maintenance tasks I do; clean some air filters in the furnace and the air handlers, check the water in the standby battery for the sump pump, take a bath if I need it and run my standby generator.

    The weatherman says there is a possibility for freezing rain the next several days so I was thinking I might need to set up and run the generator. While it was sitting in the driveway running, I thought back to this summer when Pelago had some shiftless skunks try to steal his generator at the peak of the hurricane.

    I wondered; How can I secure the generator without posting a security watch on it? I thought of several ways to do that, but all of them took time and more work than I wanted to invest just now, then I had an idea.

    If I need the generator, there will be a truck in the garage. I took my log chain, wound it through the frame of the generator and tied the chain off to the hitch of the little Ranger. That should keep the generator safe from all but the most ambitious thieves.
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    That should do the trick. Someday I want to invest in one of the stand by generators. We've run across at auction older units that have been reconditioned, for about a quarter of new. When we have weather events, like the tornado that ripped through town last March, it took the power company two weeks to get the power back up in town. The rural areas took almost a month.

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