Glad to know Iím not the only crazy one to restor a Willys from body off. I grew up in a Willys Wagon and told my dad someday Iíd like to get one and fix it up. Well dad couldnít stick around long enough to see that happen. He would have kept me occupied for ions with old stories as old men do. Now Iím the old man and I too have lots of stories it seems.

Iím in the process of removing all rust and replacing with new steel. What I thought was a very clean wagon isnít so free of problems. Picked up a Ď60 Wagon in NM for a nice $1800, ran but needed some help. After figuring that to go original stock didnít give me much more than a rough ride Iím looking at a Bronco or Wrangle rolling chassis while repairing the body.

Being an old tool/die maker the sheet metal isnít a problem. The problem is I donít like getting my hands dirty... well Iím having to get over that with beer. Everyone asks me ď what are you going to do when itís done?Ē I tell them ď Iím going ride down Main Street and pick up chicks, they may not be young but.....Ē

In any web search I canít find anyone mentioning anything about repairing the slide window gutters or metal under the window. There are no replacements listed and my wagon is in fair condition. I hate to see what bad condition looks like but I canít be the only idiot to repair these sections. Any thought?