Hi guys. Just thought I'd share my recent build. First a little history. I built then sold my 47' 2a. Why? I dunno! Stupid I guess. I then did a 61 cj5. The only thing I didn't like about it was the fiberglass body. It freaked my wife out. It was very "flexy". Next I started shopping around for a flat fender that "needs very little". I thought I found one, a 48'cj2a, in Michigan. It was Pa. title and registered as a farm vehicle. I was assured it was in great shape and paid pretty much paid top dollar. Well it was a total disaster. I ended up getting some cash back but not nearly enough. I've rebuilt or replaced everything but the axles and transfer case so far. Here's a couple pics.IMG_20180915_193111_551.jpgIMG_20190111_202906_192.jpgIMG_20190105_142350_821.jpgIMG_20190111_202906_181.jpgIMG_20180927_221911_225.jpg