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Thread: 1957 Truck Electrical System Question

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    1957 Truck Electrical System Question

    I lost the original post about the '57 truck with a 12-volt electrical system with a burned out 6-volt flasher.

    If I recall correctly, the post noted that the vehicle had a 12-volt alternator installed. I did some looking about, and as late as 1963 at least some Jeeps had 12-volt systems with conventional generator/three-terminal voltage regulator systems.

    If the vehicle in question had an alternator, it probably had been modified at some time, replacing the generator with an alternator. The 6-volt flasher probably was just an Oops ...

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    The post is the fourth item down in the general question section.
    I didn't think about the 6 volt operating system for the 12 Volt, three terminal generator. Good call!

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