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Thread: 1964 CJ 5 wiring Diagram

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    1964 CJ 5 wiring Diagram

    I had a question through a PM, but I want to post a diagram - which I can't do on a PM, so here is a bit of information everyone can see:

    Here are some links that will tell you more than you probably want to know about generators and regulators.




    Now – for some answers:

    The diagram below shows how the basic generator/voltage regulator gets hooked up.

    On the generator:

    Field Terminal – this is generally the smaller of the two screws or terminal posts

    Armature – Larger of the two screws or terminals

    Ground – tapped hole in the generator case

    On the regulator:

    F terminal connects directly to Field on the generator

    A terminal connects directly to Armature on the generator

    The ground on the voltage regulator is generally not separately marked, but it is a mounting screw.

    B terminal is the Battery Terminal. It goes to the + terminal of the ammeter. The – terminal of the ammeter goes to the + terminal of the battery. The + terminal of the ammeter also feeds the circuit breaker/ignition switch and the rest of the jeep.

    There are a number of places on line to get a wiring diagram specifically for the 1964 CJ 5, but they are “pay-to-look” sites and I just don’t go there. But, they will give you all of the details of connector blocks, fuse blocks and the like. I'd suggest you look at one of them (try the 'free one month" trial) and cancel it when you have what you need.

    Let us know how this project turns out ...
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