Super excited to buy this vehicle. It's been on my family farm for living memory. As part of the grandparents estate, I am going to purchase it. Can anybody help me with a fair price to pay to the estate pot? All of the cousins are claiming certain items and trying to assign fair value. The big challenge is how we balance the wow/history factor with the current state of the vehicle. Everyone who visits the farm to buy other equipment expresses interest in the jeep, but not sure what they would actually pay once they've done their research. Given the interest, i need to come up with a fair price. I've seen shells listed for as high as $2,000 and nice functional vehicles listed as low as $7,000. With the dawning awareness of exactly how much I'm going to dump into this vehicle, I'd like to button down a price. Maintenance has been more reactive than proactive, but the vehicle has mostly stayed operational and a true farm work horse (off and on).

I had the car driving last summer, but it won't idle. The carburetor was recently rebuilt, but i think a piece is missing. The throttle opens and closes, but a piece seems to be missing from the assembly that prevents full closure. My first task to lookinto. Four mismatched wheels, seems upgraded to 12v for starter only, all the other electrical non-functioning (need to replace/update most of the console), no e brake, no over drive, cracked windshield, seats were used as a rat's nest, drum brakes...not sure of the 4-wheel drive status. We believe serial number plate stolen, but have years of registrations to back up title claim as well as title.

The jeep has some issues, but is still a gem. Mostly original. Body is in great shape. Any feedback GREATLY appreciated. I'll be mother henning this post and adding photos as requested. Nothing on hand of the undercarriage. I've already towed it to my garage. One of the first questions my 5-year old asked was "what are you going to name it dad? I think you should call it butterscotch." We'll see if that sticks, but either way i hope to get "butterscotch" or "the jeep" upgraded for summer drives.

Jeep 1.jpg