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Thread: New guy - Have a lot to learn

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    Battery Tricks

    [QUOTE=bmorgil;7938]gmwillys... does this really work? /QUOTE]

    There are a lot of little tricks that give you just a couple of more weeks out of a battery that has come to the end of its road. Aspirins, fresh acid, several commercial "never buy a battery again" additives - but the fact is that if you want a reliable battery with the capacity you expect/need, a trip to the store is the best solution.

    I'm still debating a bit, but I think I am going to get a "battery minder" to put on the 6-volt battery in the truck. I really try to start it every week or so - but it sits a lot and I don't believe sitting that much is best on a battery.

    I'll decide about that come next winter hibernation.

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    For all the Sheriff's seasonal equipment, we used battery tenders. They work great, as long as you remember to disconnect the harness before leaving in a rush. They make them with a solar panel as well, if the piece of equipment sits out doors.

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