Bought my first Willy's about a month ago. It's a 1958 M38A1. It was "restored" in 2012, and has been sitting since.

So far, I've replaced leaks everywhere, repaired tub rust that was rihno-lined over, dropped the passenger seat, welded my winch plate on, got the brakes working, and removed the pintle hitch and A-FRAME associated with it.

Things to do:
Build aluminum fuel cell for under the tub (hence pintle hitch removal)
Install 2" receiver
Drop driver's seat after original tank is removed
Install rubber boots on levers and pedals, delete any unnecessary holes in tub (an effort in dust control)
Suspension - I have questions...
Clean up electrical
Install winch (not sure which warn I'm going with)
Mount handyman/shovel and gas can
Monkey with carb/metering rods etc(I live at 7k ft and it only goes up from there)
Chop steering column a few inches in an effort to drop the steering wheel

Spend as little as possible
Stay married

I'm very happy to be here, and have tons of questions.

Thanks for having me!