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Thread: 51 M38 - over my head

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    51 M38 - over my head

    Greetings I am new (I guess 65 isnít that new) and a want be mechanic - still working so I have limited time and less knowledge

    51 M38 - not started in 25 years - wiring shot but the motor turns, the fluids seem good - my first goal is to see if I can get it started

    Has 24 volt alternator, starter, generator, voltage regulator - all to be waterproof, someone has changed the distributor and coil to 12 volt - so I got the 24 volt coil and distributor - that come as one unit and installed that along with the water proof plugs and wires ( hopefully got that right - firing order correct - the timing is probably off)
    I have gerry rigged power the coil - from the voltage regulator

    Still not getting power to the plugs - (as far as I can see)

    My next move is to get the voltage regular harness as well as the connection the coil - just in case my connection to the coil is bad

    Too much info yet?

    I would love any tips -

    I am in Chapel Hill NC - and still working - I would also like to conscider finding someone in this area or even in NC that could work on this - sort of get me a jump start - no sure how much that would cost -

    Thanks for any info

    Have a Blessed Easter!
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