Hi yíall.

I have a 1943 MB that I converted to 12 volt because the 6 volt generator cut out on me. Iíve reached the limit of my knowledge and Im not able to get it to start after replacing the alternator, ignition coil, ammeter and fuel gage. Here are my questions.

Is there anything else I need for it to run on the 12 volt system (not including lights)?

When I hook a battery up there is a light, high pitched humming coming from the alternator, i donít think thatís normal but I donít know how to correct it

It will turn over nicely but as I pull on the choke it backfires and doesnít ignite. Iíve timed the engine twice via the directions in the book but I still get the same result. Any tips or something Iím not doing that the 12 volt system needs me to do?

Thank you and if anyone lives in the Colorado Springs area and has run into these issues before I am more then willing to compensate you if you come and help me get these problems sorted out. Or if you just want to come help a newby that would be cool too. Thanks.