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Thread: Getting the heart running

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    Getting the heart running

    Iím back and working on my 1948 Willyís cj2a it has been converted to the 226 6 cylinder super hurricane Willyís truck motor it was running 2 years ago I have marvel mystery oil in each of the cylinders so they hopefully donít lock up. It needs a new 12v distributor wires plugs and new oil filter, canister and lines. For some reason my grandfather did it have any of this on it. I took the theromostat housing off and have it soaking in acid. I looked in the part of the motor the anti freeze goes into and I guess since he ran water in it instead of antifreeze I was thinking about capping everything except the radiator off and putting acid in it and letting it soak for maybe a hour or so depending on the strength of the acid. So Iím really not to far from a running heart any thoughts of input Iím gonna go by this weekend and see if I can manually turn it over still I will order the oil filter, canister etc tonight
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