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Thread: Just another new guy checking in to say hello

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    Just another new guy checking in to say hello

    I've had my 53 Willys cj3b for the last 30 years. It used to be my father-in-law's company rig, that he bought when he retired. I used it to get back and forth to work as a snow plow driver a couple winters and blew the crankshaft into pieces. At that point I told him I was going to fix it before I gave it back to him and he said for $500 I could just keep it. So I became the proud owner, rebuilt it, and raised three children riding around in it every chance we got. Long story short, that F head wore out and it's time to do it again. Hope I don't ask too many dumb questions. Looking forward to doing a lot of reading next couple of days take care Mike
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    Welcome rouser!

    We look forward to your questions. That's a nice tent set up. Well done!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grouser View Post
    So I became the proud owner, rebuilt it,
    Sounds like you are just practicing now Mike! Good luck on the second time around. One thing is for sure, these Willys motors just keep running. Unless you do some serious damage, just keep em' going!

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