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Thread: So is this thing RARE???

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    So is this thing RARE???


    I have a 50 CJ3A with 4 shifters. Normal 3 spd., Front Axle In/Out, High/Low and the last one activates the drive shaft for the rear PTO. No gear box on the bumper on mine but the shaft has been securely tied to the chassis for safe keeping. Body is rusted with plenty of extra ventilation.
    Went thru the carb, new gas tank, new brake lines, electric fuel pump and 12v conversion was all done a few years back. Kids had a ball and wouldn't let me restore it. They loved how rough it was and the looks they'd get cruising it thru town. Son's have flown the coupe so now it's time to let someone new enjoy this rusty but trusty CJ3A. What should I start at price wise? Is the rear PTO drive rare? Runs like a top!!! has a roof as well. Took the wheels off today and hauled to my buddies tire place for brand new tires. Too dry rotted to let people test drive.

    Penny for your thoughts guys.
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    Welcome Vintage IRA,

    Please post some pictures so we can get a better picture of what you have. I wouldn't throw out the term rare, but more unique. You may have what is considered a Farm Jeep, and the PTO would be a normal option. The Willys dealers had a whole catalogue of aftermarket companies that made everything from snow plows to cabs and even front end loaders. In my opinion, a rare Jeep is a factory spec unit.

    As far as pricing, I would visit to get a feel for a good cross section of what folks are wanting for their Willys. You can also post your Willys on there for sale, for free. Ebay would be another option to look at but the prices are high, but that is a false sense of well being, because often those same Willys will be on there for a long time without selling.

    Good luck in your selling adventure! Keep us posted on what you come up with for a selling price. Most of us have room for maybe one more project.

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    Vintage IRA, I purchased a 1950 CJ3a dealer converted farm jeep recently for $1300. The body was rusted beyond repair. The left front wheel had to be welded on so we could move it. The frame was solid and the drive train was all there. Almost all parts were still there. It did run but, it shouldn't have. The motor had two broken pistons. It was poorly converted to 12 volts and had to be completely "un-hacked". It was badly beaten. Very badly. All the original gauges are still functioning. I wish I had a top.
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