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Thread: Need an engine Rebuilder

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    Need an engine Rebuilder

    I have a block crank heads I want to buy an engine kit from Kaiser ,,,,where can I send it to for assembly,,,,,,
    anybody know? Looking for a crate motor or long block exchange type program thanks for your help.

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    Grouser, that definitely depends on where you live. Though you could ship it around, I would try to drive it there. If you live anywhere near Cecil Ohio, in MHO I would go no where else but Hart Machine Service. He has the ability to machine and build ANY engine. In a tour of his shop, there are engines there from persons in other countries. There are motors that their are only a few of in the world. He is a champion racing engine builder. He also provides the majority of Heavy diesel work around here from over the road rigs to earth movers. He provides the area tractor pullers with machine work. He was restoring an engine out of a Lake Freighter the last time I was there. The crankshaft was so big, I can't even guess at its length. In the back they were pouring a Model "A" motor full with Babbitt. My L134 was one of many that he had machined. On reassembly, it was perfect. I returned to have the crank clearance ground in to a perfect number. He did it while I waited.

    I think a competent Machinist is VERY hard to find anymore. But then again, I have high standards for them. When I assemble motors I double check everything. It infuriates me when I have to get sloppy machine work redone. Machining and rebuilding the old motors needs to be done by someone who is very competent, and hopefully has done one before. The cost and rarity of theses old parts, dictates right the first time.
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