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Thread: Dauntless problems- help from the hive mind!

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    Dauntless problems- help from the hive mind!

    So a little background first. I have inherited my dads 69 cj5 with the dauntless v6. It was in the southwest at 6500 ft for 40+ years, before going to Pennsylvania for a couple years before coming to me in s. Georgia. Engine is mostly original with the exception of the starter and fuel pump, and has 33,000 original miles on it.

    Recently, I've been having issues with it popping and backfiring, stalling out. Had fuel pump/filter replaced at this point, and now it will turn over, and die as soon as you give it gas. I'm stumped, and need some help!

    Rotor and cap are good, and I'm getting good spark. Only thing I can think of is the carb?
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    Welcome redmings, sounds lean. Check for vacuum leaks first. If the gaskets are tight and the lines are sound, you might want to look into a carburetor rebuild. It may be a bad accelerator pump and/or a clogged up carb passage. Does the idle mixture adjustment screw have any effect on the engines idle? Assuming you can get it to idle, if the idle mixture adjustment screw has no effect, and there are no vacuum leaks, something is needing attention inside the carb. Look down the carburetor with the motor off. Open the throttle slowly. Is the accelerator pump in the carburetor immediately squirting fuel as soon as the throttle moves? If you don't see it squirting as soon as the throttle moves and, continuing to squirt until the throttle is wide open, you have found your problem.

    Let us know how it goes.
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