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Thread: Flag Day; June 14, 2019

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    Flag Day; June 14, 2019

    Today is one of the lesser National Holidays, Flag Day. It is a day set aside to honor and respect our National Flag – not as just a flag but as a symbol of our Country.

    Many American Legion, VFW and other Veteran’s organizations will have a Flag Retirement ceremony this evening when torn, tattered and worn out flags will be retired with the respect and dignity they deserve. The field (the stars) will be removed so that the flag is no longer a flag, and the remains will be burned in a ceremony. Many organizations combine this with patriotic music and recognition of veterans.

    If you have one of these ceremonies near you, take time out this evening to go and pay your respects.

    This is a typical ceremony:

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    Thank you Cheif for the reminder! Thank you to all our Veterans for keeping our flag flying proud above us.

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