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Thread: Willys Color Options

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    Willys Color Options

    Hello Everyone. I acquired a 1946 CJ2A about a year ago and finally have the money to finish putting it back together. I'm at the point where I'm picking out a color to paint the Willys. Months ago I bought an original DuPont color chart for the 1946 and 1947 Willys models. I liked the color Saranac Gray but after doing more research on colors offered by willys for those years, I cannot find that color anywhere else. I will attach images of my color chart. Can anyone tell me is this was in fact a color that was offered? Or is there some sort of typo on my chart? Thanks.


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    Welcome Kopcho94, I ended up taking the paint sheet you have to an automotive/body shop paint supplier. They called their sources and came up with a paint that was as close as you are going to get. I didn't get far with the paint codes on the sheets that are out there.

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