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Thread: Champion Radiator in a CJ3A

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    I was a little taken back from Griffin when she said 800-1,200 as well especially after I told her it wasn’t a Keith Black Blown Hemi putting out 4,500 HP we were dealing with here, she said “it is what it is”.
    It should fit perfect, I gave them the exact measurements of what I have now.
    I guess we’ll see in 5-8 weeks when it arrives!!!
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    Now I remember why I was good at fixing my old busted up mopar rads. One was twisted four inches rearward at the top left, with the upper nipple pushed through the front of the top tank. The lower right side was pushed forward six inches. After an hour in the press, and some peening out the top tank, it actually held descent pressure when tested. Smart folks run the radiator in the rear, in front of the trunk. I never liked boiling water that close to my back side.

    The Champion is a no brainier. Even I might invest in the Champion for the wagon project.
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