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Thread: Original brake lines... can I just flush 'em??

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    Brake Lines

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark J View Post
    Is Omix ADA the "best" brand? Seems it's the only brand. When I last worked on my jeep, there weren't half the aftermarket parts available today.

    If I knew then what I know now, I'd prime and paint brake lines before I put them on ...

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    But they look so nice right before they rust!

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    Omix ADA is what most of the Willys world catalogues use. For the good parts, you have to go to a descent Napa, or anywhere where there is still a counter guy who at least remembers when Ronald Reagan was president. Preferably remembers when Eisenhower was in office, but those guys are few an far between. They can set you up with the good parts. One site that popped up has most all the brands in stock, but the Wagner master cylinder was out of stock. Dorman is another brand that I've had good luck with.

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