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Thread: How to plumb a heater on my cj3b

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    How to plumb a heater on my cj3b

    So there's heater on the passenger side firewall with two tubes coming out of it one goes to the top of the water pump. Where does the other one go? And what do you think about Plumbing in a valve to turn the heater off in the summer time any recommendations on type of valve? Thanks

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    The other one goes to the cylinder head in the rear. There is a factory valve screwed into the head in the rear, if you had the heater option. KW has them.

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    Heater Valve

    There may be a pipe plug in the heater valve hole at the rear of your head - the cylinder head that is.

    It is an all the way open or all the way closed valve. If you try to set it half-way, it leaks around the stem.

    That's my heater hose and valve hiding behind the intake valves in the F-134.
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    That cleared things up gentleman thank you very much have a great day

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