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Thread: Headlights shut off

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    Headlights shut off

    First repair project for my 63. Have to make it safe for driving. Headlights will shut off after having them on for a while driving. Have not started in depth trouble shooting. Do know that the rear lights stay on. Seems like they get hot and shut off. Does not appear to be any wires from switch. I can turn them off and then back on and they will come back on. They will flicker and flash and go back off. Longer I wait to turn back on the longer they will stay on. Going to check all wires and connections and then check the switch.
    12volt system with an alternator.

    Anyone else had this issue before? Looking for a good place to start.


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    Sounds like you have a short. Does the switch have a circuit breaker on it? Sounds like it's kicking.

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    The headlight switch would be the first place to look. Often times there will be a lot of corrosion on the terminals or even the contacts within the switch, causing high resistance. This will cause the switch to overheat and cause the lights to go out over time of operation.

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