Hello, First post for me.

I am looking at a 67 CJ5 with a Dauntless V6. I have not yet actually looked at the vehicle. The owner claims the engine was recently rebuilt and runs well, but the compression across all cylinders is low, but all within 10 psi. I can not find specs on the correct compression pressure in any literature. I found the compression pressure for a F134 four cylinder at 120-130 psi. I found this in 53-71 Service manual in section A.8 page 6 general specifications, but it does not list the pressure for a v6.

I may be way off, but I think the low compression is one of three possibilities considering he had farmed out the rebuild. they are in no particular order

1. loose timing chain, or crank and cam not properly aligned
2. did not lap valves when doing the work
3. did not install rings correctly (lining the ring gaps up instead of proper stagger).

It could be a few other things, but I suspect these to be the primary culprits

Does anybody know the correct (target) compression for this engine.

Thanks for your help. Will make a difference when I talk to the current owner about purchase