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Thread: 2WD Two-Piece Driveshaft - Still Buggin' Me ...

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    2WD Two-Piece Driveshaft - Still Buggin' Me ...

    It’s interesting what you find when you read all of book, not just the “good parts”.

    I have commented several times about the weird universal joints and the two piece driveshaft on the ’48 2WD truck. The Parts Manual for the 1948 2WD and 4WD trucks shows the two-piece driveshaft as the only driveshaft for the 1949 2WD truck.

    But – in the Mechanics Manual for the various Trucks, Wagons and CJ-2A series Jeeps, there is an IMPORTANT NOTICE in the front of the manual. The really interesting parts of it read:

    “This manual as originally prepared covers all vehicles produced between 1938 and 1949. Effective with 1950 production, model designations were changed due to certain improvements being incorporated in production.” …. skip a bit here … “ the trucks designated in 1949 as Models 2WD and 4WD became Models 473HT and 473-4WD”.

    “Model 473HT (Previously Model 2WD)

    Propeller Shaft and Universal Joints – a single propeller shaft with two universal joints used to replace the dual shafts previously used. Universal joints are the same type and otherwise information covering Model 2WD applies.”

    If I read this correctly, late production 2WD/473HT trucks used a single piece driveshaft, but retained the “weird” universal joints. 2WD production ended in the 1951 model year as variations of the 473HT, so this was an end-of-production change and probably only about 6,400 trucks were built in this configuration for 1950 and 1951.

    There is a lot of drop and offset in the driveline for 2WD trucks – I wonder if the “weird” U-joint was needed to accommodate this geometry?

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    We are going to check those angles right there on the convention floor. A one piece would be a much better way to go. However as we were writing on this before, the length will probably be the biggest deciding factor for one vs two piece.

    One thing is for sure. We will know by 1200 hrs. on Saturday.

    BTW, nice write up on the "Road Trip" in WJL!
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