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Thread: 1970 Jeep J-200

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmwillys View Post
    That's terrible luck on the windshield, but you made up for it on the win column. The real feat was getting the Misses up under the dash to pull wires. I don't see that ever happening at the rust ranch.
    Well, she actually enjoys rock crawling and she think's I'm taking way to long to build this thing. We were working on it the other day and I said well its time to stop (4:30 in the afternoon), she asked why. I said, well, I need to order some parts to finish this up and she was like, if you knew you needed these why aren't they here? Of course, she still thinks all of these parts only cost $50 from eBay!

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    You have yourself a keeper! I managed to marry a girlie girl who might break a nail. She likes to ride with on going to town, and doesn't mind the dust being kicked up off the floor of the heep that deposits directly into your eye. I shouldn't complain, I like my garage of solitude the way it is.

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