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Thread: Hello from Dayton, Nevada

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    Hello from Dayton, Nevada

    Hello from Dayton, Nevada!

    I recently bought a 1956 Willys CJ5, at least I think itís a CJ5. When I got it, the clutch linkage was so worn out, I could not disengage the clutch, and it had NO working brakesÖ..But the price was right! In the two weeks Iíve had it, Iíve replaced all the clutch linkage, the master cylinder, all 4 wheel cylinders, and all the rubber brake hoses. Itís still up on jack stands, but the clutch and brakes both appear to be working. Iím currently working on the throttle linkage, as there is so much lost motion, that the foot pedal will only open the throttle about 2/3 of the way, so Iím welding up egg shaped holes and re-drilling them to reduce the lost motion.

    What isnít completely worn out, is rusted, and if it isnít rusted or worn out, itís bent. Iím a retired machinist and live on 5 acres, near 20,000 square miles of BLM land that desperately needs exploring. So, my goal is to get this rolling wreck, to some semblance of mechanical reliability and go exploring!

    The engine runs, and sounds OK, but there is no oil filter to be found, and it is quite obvious that in this jeepís 63 years, not everyone who has worked on it was a mechanic! Iíve found wires with 3 splices in a foot of run! Who does that?

    My wife asked me the other day, ďIf someone came up and offered you twice what you paid for it, would you sell it?Ē and I relied, ďNo, Iíve grown kind of fond of it.Ē

    About me, Iím a retired machinist/Tool and die maker, and have also worked as a millwright. On retirement we moved from California to Nevada, and have enjoyed living here for a bit over a year. As a kid in high school, I had a 1956 jeep, with a ford 289 engine, that I had a lot of fun with. It looked a lot like the one I have now, but was much younger then, just like me! Besides working on my Jeep, I enjoy the outdoors, and Iím a competitive shooter, and belong to several other forums, relative to my other interest. Iím looking forward the learning about Jeeps here, and participating in discussions when appropriate.

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    Pour oil thru the breather on the rocker arm cover it it's an F-134.

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    The best part of your project, is parts are very available! Your machinest abilities will be very helpful to you. Some of the work will involve tools that you will make.

    It is quite possible that someone removed the oil filter, and by-passed it by plugging the block. It was an external canister style bolted to the block. I hope not. Their are persons who do indeed block the filter out. The claim is the system starved the bearings of oil. The perpetrators of this "technique" swear by changing the oil more frequently.

    It is a nice thought. It has an inherent flaw. The filter will stop particles that come lose or collect in the oil for various reasons. Without the filter these pieces will score the bearings and cause the oil pressure to go away much faster than these folks are figuring in. I would never think of it. In fact on high end engines, extensive work goes into the filtering system. If yours has been removed, you do want to put that item back on, IMHO.
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